Sunday, 24 June 2012

Beginning of Summer

Hey Dolls! In the late afternoon of 19th June 2012, my summer began. I can finally do whatever I want and not having to feel guilty about doing revision. Having over two months off education is amazing and I cannot wait to create amazing memories for this year's summer. My prom is in about two weeks which I am officially stressed over as I still haven't got my shoes or my final clutch and haven't decided about my hair or finalised my makeup! Despite all that, I'm still looking forward to seeing the beautiful dresses and getting to spend time with everyone in my year properly! Also, I am doing some peoples makeup which will be exciting!

Earlier on this week, my friends and I went to see Legally Blonde Musical in the theatre which was so good! I was already a big fan of the movie and was so excited to see it live! It was very humorous and I do highly recommend seeing it if you are a fan of chick flicks. 

I am back on YouTube after a 2 week break due to my exams. I'm thrilled to start making my channel bigger and better! This summer I am focussing on making my videos more fun and different in terms of my makeup and fashion/styling videos. However, I still like to keep my channel personal and natural so my lovely subscribers can relate. My blog is also a thing I would like to continue to improve as it's a on going progress to make it how I want. I want to continue writing posts and hopefully you all enjoy reading! If you have ideas on what posts you would like to see from me, feel free to tell me! Love, xoxo

Friday, 15 June 2012

Instagram Update!

OOTN | Meal with friends | Betrousse new beauty box | Follow me on keek: shannontang | Got my braces off!! | Bored of revising so eating mini brownies | Pasta for lunch | Revising.. exams over on Tuesday | Street party to celebrate Diamond Jubilee 

Instagram: shannontang

Hi Dolls! I thought I would update you with my Instagram photos! Be sure to follow me on there as I am constantly posting new pictures! When I finish exams on Tuesday I will be free!! I will have a whole 2 months of summer so I will be working hard on various summer projects and blogging is included! Until then! Love, xoxo

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Summers almost here!

Hey Dolls! I havent posted in such a long time as exams have been loading me with work! However, summer is right around the corner  and I am SO excited!! I will be blogging and making videos way more too. Also, I am blogging on my new phone (HTC One X) which I love so hopefully this will work!! I hope you all have an amazing Jubilee weekend celebrating!! Good luck to everyone that is doing their exams! This is just a quick update post so thanks for reading and I'll hopefully blog soon.

Love, xoxo