Saturday, 24 March 2012

RUN DMC: Outfit of the day

Hey Dolls! Today I went shopping and got some goodies which I have showed in a haul with Harriet that will be going up on our vintagebeautygirls channel soon! It was a beautiful day and defiantly felt like spring! I am so excited to start filming more spring inspired videos. 

Clothes Shown:
- Top: Camden Market 
- Cardigan: Dad's wardrobe! 
- Shorts: New Look
- Shoes: Primark  
- Sunglasses: H&M
- Necklace: Topshop 
- Jesus Bracelet: Camden Market

Love, xoxo

Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Update + OOTN

Hey Dolls! I haven't been blogging lately so I thought it would be a good idea to give you all an update to what I have been doing lately. I'm aware that my last post was basically called the same thing but instead of OOTN it was OOTD. What can I say? I do like to blog on a Friday night! ...

My GCSE exams are creeping up so quickly and I'm getting so scared! I better start revising.. soon! I can't believe I will be attending collage this year and then I'll be able to drive the year after!! :O Life defiantly goes way too fast. I am especially excited for this summer as I think it will be so fun as I have no school work to do as its all done and dusted. I can just relax and have fun for a whole 2 months or so, which I'm so pumped about!

Recently I went to Prezzo's with all my girls to celebrate my friends birthday. It was so fun and Harriet and I ordered pizza and pasta to share. The picture shows what I was wearing on the night!

Clothes Shown:

- Shirt: Primark
- Jean Jacket: vintage
- Jeans: ONLY (Bank)
- Shoes: Urban Outfitters
- Bag: Topshop

How lovely are these shoes?  I love them!! Me and my sister share them and we got them on sale for £40!!

I had a really good night and really like the outfit I was wearing. It was also my sisters and brothers birthday recently and my mum made them an amazing cake!! I love the cakes she makes. Speaking of my mumma, it's actually mothers day soon! I'm not too sure on what to get her as a gift yet. Do you know what your getting your mum? My mum isn't the easiest person to get a good gift that she will love and she's not too bothered with all the body products and makeup products. Hopefully I will find something perfect! 

I have some really good video ideas for my beauty channel on YouTube and I'm so excited to film them!! On the 16th March it will officially be one year since I uploaded my first ever video on glamerdoll! How crazy is that?! It defiantly hasn't felt like one year since I recorded my first video-which was 'What's in my school bag'. I've got a vague idea of what special video I want to do but do you have any ideas? I know that after that 1 year video I will be uploading another video that you will all adore!!  
Love, xoxo