Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Update + OOTN

Hey Dolls! I haven't been blogging lately so I thought it would be a good idea to give you all an update to what I have been doing lately. I'm aware that my last post was basically called the same thing but instead of OOTN it was OOTD. What can I say? I do like to blog on a Friday night! ...

My GCSE exams are creeping up so quickly and I'm getting so scared! I better start revising.. soon! I can't believe I will be attending collage this year and then I'll be able to drive the year after!! :O Life defiantly goes way too fast. I am especially excited for this summer as I think it will be so fun as I have no school work to do as its all done and dusted. I can just relax and have fun for a whole 2 months or so, which I'm so pumped about!

Recently I went to Prezzo's with all my girls to celebrate my friends birthday. It was so fun and Harriet and I ordered pizza and pasta to share. The picture shows what I was wearing on the night!

Clothes Shown:

- Shirt: Primark
- Jean Jacket: vintage
- Jeans: ONLY (Bank)
- Shoes: Urban Outfitters
- Bag: Topshop

How lovely are these shoes?  I love them!! Me and my sister share them and we got them on sale for £40!!

I had a really good night and really like the outfit I was wearing. It was also my sisters and brothers birthday recently and my mum made them an amazing cake!! I love the cakes she makes. Speaking of my mumma, it's actually mothers day soon! I'm not too sure on what to get her as a gift yet. Do you know what your getting your mum? My mum isn't the easiest person to get a good gift that she will love and she's not too bothered with all the body products and makeup products. Hopefully I will find something perfect! 

I have some really good video ideas for my beauty channel on YouTube and I'm so excited to film them!! On the 16th March it will officially be one year since I uploaded my first ever video on glamerdoll! How crazy is that?! It defiantly hasn't felt like one year since I recorded my first video-which was 'What's in my school bag'. I've got a vague idea of what special video I want to do but do you have any ideas? I know that after that 1 year video I will be uploading another video that you will all adore!!  
Love, xoxo


  1. Love the look.
    And same for me aswell, really grown up too fast but GCSEs will be over and done with.. until A Levels come along.


  2. Yum! Lovely outfit, I love your layout too!
    -Han xo

  3. I love your outfit, especially the shirt and the jacket, they look really nice together! That cake also looks really yummy. I love your blog :) xx