Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summer 2013

So I am back to blogging for the summer as I've completed my first year of college and I am finally on my summer break!! So I know saying I can't believe how fast college has gone is so typical but it is so true! Seriously, you won't believe it until you experience it. It seems to me that the older you get, the faster time flies. Which is somewhat scary to say. I am so excited to see what the rest of summer has planned for me as I have already made amazing memories with some amazing people.                               
On the first day my friends and I spent the day at the pool and then the girls and I decided to go to Sprinkles which is an amazing dessert place that sells waffles, ice cream, crepes etc. It is the best place to go if you can make your bikini body wait a day longer!

The second day of summer was well spent at Bournemouth beach. The weather has been unbelievable recently and I am definitely not complaining. With this 30 degrees heat, the beach is definitely the perfect place to be with all your friends. Getting a ride on the ringo whilst attached to a ski jet was definitely the funnest bit!

Last night was a chance to catch up with some old friends and chill by the fire. My friend set up a Moroccan vibe by laying blankets and fairy lights in the garden which truly made it feel like we were on holiday! Roasting marshmallows and having a girls night was definitely needed!

I can't wait for the rest of summer and I have so many more exciting plans coming up!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Two Days in Life: Summers Day, Bike Riding and Turtle Bay

Hey Dolls! I've had a very busy past two days with my best friend Harriet! Yesterday was the first day of proper sun we have had in England! It felt like it was finally summer but I knew that it would not stay like that. Although luckily for me, I'm jetting off to Turkey on Monday!! (Which I'm completely ecstatic about.) I will be vlogging about it on my vlog channel so hopefully there will be daily videos from next week! I'm so excited to vlog it because when I'll watch it back it will be so nice to remember everything that happened! To make the most of the sunny summer day, Harriet and I went out and took some photos and went for a bike ride to soak up the rays. I just love going on bike rides on warm summer days with friends! We also had to edit some videos for our channel vintagebeautygirls and had a lovely dinner at Harriet's nans house. The dessert was absolutely amazingg! Nawww. I slept over at Harriet's house which was so fun to have a girly night in! We watched Sex In The City 2 which was a great film! Chick Flicks are always my favourite movies it watch! 

After our bike ride in the day, we decided to go for a proper bike ride in the morning! It was so nice to do something different and get some exercise too! I definitely will be doing that more often - building up them leg muscles! Haha. Later on that day, we took our mums to lunch at Turtle Bay which is a Caribbean restaurant. It was so good, but very spicy!! I had the Jerk Chicken with rice and stole a bit of my mums spicy chips, hehe. I really recommend it if you like spicy food. The drink I had was also amazing! I recommend  the passion fruit smoothie. Harriet picked the most amazing dessert. It was the dark chocolate pie which was basically a warm brownie with ice cream. It was soooo yummy! I really want to go there again because the restaurant was so cool and the food was delicious! After we walked around town and decided to call it a day because we were all so exhausted!  These past  couple of days have definitely been the start of summer for me! It was so fun and I can't wait for the rest of summer!! Sun makes everything better!  

Have a lovely weekend filled with sun and love!

Love, xoxo

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Instagram Update #2

Haul | College OOTD | College OOTD 2 | Chocolate dipped strawberries | Zara lace shorts | Best glitter marshmallow unicorny cake | Noodles with Harriet | Filming Miley Cyrus inspired outfit | Filming Miley Cyrus inspired outfit 2 | Sushi time! | Soufeel jewellery | Nails inc in Shoreditch | Red velvet and black bottom cupcakes from hummingbird bakery | Sister now had an instagram: tangkarmen | The weather in Turkey! | Fruity tuity time  

- My big summer haul is now up on my channel 'glamerdoll'
- Outfit for my first college taster day
- Outfit for my second college taster day. Love the mint jeans and the leather jacket from Topshop!!
- Been loving making chocolate dipped strawberries!! Yum! 
- Looove the little lace shorts from Zara
- Harriet and I made the most amazing rainbow, glitter, marshmallow, unicorny cake! It is the best and tastes   amazing!!
- All Harriet and I eat is noodles when we are together! Haha, mmm noodles!
- One of the outfits inspired by Miley Cyrus! A video will be up on my channel
- Another outfit for the Miley Cyrus video. I love her style!
- Had sushi after shooting a new video! Mmm, it's just the best!
- Thanks so much to Soufeel company for the amazing jewellery! I will make a video on it soon
- Newly painted nails! Love this bright pink colour for summer time!
- Red velvet and black bottom cupcake from hummingbird bakery is the best! Especially the black bottom! 
- Woohoo, my sister has now got an instagram!! Her username is tangkarmen and she'd really appreciate it if you could follow her! :) We are considering doing a sista tag! 
- Cannot wait for this amazing weather in Turkey!!! Going on the 23rd! Ahhh, excited
- Trying to ear for healthy lately including more yummy fruit!

My Instagram: shannontang

Saturday, 7 July 2012

PROM 2012

Hey Dolls! Yesterday evening was my prom! I had so much fun with all my friends at prom and after prom and I'm so sad it's over because it was so nice to see everybody dressed up so nicely! It was a little stressful for me getting ready as I was doing 3 girls makeup and 1 girls hair! I had to start pretty early in order to get myself ready! Although, I had a lot of fun doing it and they all looked gorgeous!! I've been pretty busy this week with all the college taster days and preparing for prom! If you had prom this year I hope you all had a fabulous time! Thanks for reading this quick post and I'll leave you with some pictures! Love, xoxo

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Beginning of Summer

Hey Dolls! In the late afternoon of 19th June 2012, my summer began. I can finally do whatever I want and not having to feel guilty about doing revision. Having over two months off education is amazing and I cannot wait to create amazing memories for this year's summer. My prom is in about two weeks which I am officially stressed over as I still haven't got my shoes or my final clutch and haven't decided about my hair or finalised my makeup! Despite all that, I'm still looking forward to seeing the beautiful dresses and getting to spend time with everyone in my year properly! Also, I am doing some peoples makeup which will be exciting!

Earlier on this week, my friends and I went to see Legally Blonde Musical in the theatre which was so good! I was already a big fan of the movie and was so excited to see it live! It was very humorous and I do highly recommend seeing it if you are a fan of chick flicks. 

I am back on YouTube after a 2 week break due to my exams. I'm thrilled to start making my channel bigger and better! This summer I am focussing on making my videos more fun and different in terms of my makeup and fashion/styling videos. However, I still like to keep my channel personal and natural so my lovely subscribers can relate. My blog is also a thing I would like to continue to improve as it's a on going progress to make it how I want. I want to continue writing posts and hopefully you all enjoy reading! If you have ideas on what posts you would like to see from me, feel free to tell me! Love, xoxo

Friday, 15 June 2012

Instagram Update!

OOTN | Meal with friends | Betrousse new beauty box | Follow me on keek: shannontang | Got my braces off!! | Bored of revising so eating mini brownies | Pasta for lunch | Revising.. exams over on Tuesday | Street party to celebrate Diamond Jubilee 

Instagram: shannontang

Hi Dolls! I thought I would update you with my Instagram photos! Be sure to follow me on there as I am constantly posting new pictures! When I finish exams on Tuesday I will be free!! I will have a whole 2 months of summer so I will be working hard on various summer projects and blogging is included! Until then! Love, xoxo

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Summers almost here!

Hey Dolls! I havent posted in such a long time as exams have been loading me with work! However, summer is right around the corner  and I am SO excited!! I will be blogging and making videos way more too. Also, I am blogging on my new phone (HTC One X) which I love so hopefully this will work!! I hope you all have an amazing Jubilee weekend celebrating!! Good luck to everyone that is doing their exams! This is just a quick update post so thanks for reading and I'll hopefully blog soon.

Love, xoxo