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Glossybox January 2012

Hello Dolls! I've recently received a January GlossyBox and I was so excited to open and have a peak around all the products. This is one of my first GlossyBox reviews on my blog, so I shall introduce to you what this concept is, if you don't know already. (Even though I'm sure you will because it is talked about a lot within the internet.) GlossyBox is a website where you subscribe and pay £10 a month plus P&P to receive 5 sample luxury beauty products. However, one of the products in the box are normally full size. The box also comes with a letter to update you about GlossyBox and a card that you open that shows you all the products you receive with the full price and an explanation about them. Their iconic boxes are normally light pink, but on special occasions like Christmas and Valentines Day, they change the colour of the box and paper inside. I really like how GlossyBox puts loads of effort in their packaging. Now you know a bit about this beauty box, I will get onto this months.

This box was the Valentines Day edition and it came in the most gorgeous hot pink box with light pink squiggly paper inside. It had 5 products with a little sweet with GlossyBox printed on it which I thought was just adorable! I was pleased with the products I received as I thought it was a good variety of products.
The products included are:

- Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Emerald Green
- Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream
- Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream
- FAB Gentle Body Wash
- Murad Hybirds Skin Perfecting Primer (Dewy Finish)

Eyeko's eyeliner excited me because I've never tried this brand and longingly always wanted to try out their products. It's a pencil eyeliner with a long skinny silver wand-type handle at the end. I do think the wand is a little too long, but I do think it'a a good idea because once you sharpened it too much, it becomes very small and the handle will make it easy to use still. I got a dark-ish green colour with a satin slight shimmery finish. Some boxes do come with different colours like light pink. This eyeliner goes on smoothly and claims not to smudge. It gives a beautiful colour pay off and blends easily if you're looking to smudge the eyeliner for a more smoky effect. Since I have dark brown eyes, the green goes really well with my eyes and doesn't look harsh when I apply it. Black can look too harsh on my waterline at times if I don't wear a smoky eye, so green is suitable to wear in the day and the colour doesn't close up my eye and make them look smaller. I feel like it wouldn't smudge during the day, but if you were to rub your eyes or touch it then it would come off slightly.

The Clarins day and night cream didn't appeal to me as much because it is marketed as a firming cream, so I guess that it is targeted to more mature women. It says that the night cream will renewal the skin complexion and the day cream will infuse skin with firming benefits that are immediate and long lasting. I gave these two products for my mum to try as I feel she would be able to give a better review on it. She hasn't tried it much yet so I will update this post once she has a better review on this product.

The FAB body wash is also a thing I have not yet tried fully. I was intrigued by the packaging as it's very pretty! I tested it on my arm quickly and it seems to give a milky consistency but slightly thicker. It comes out as a gel texture and doesn't give bubbles when massaging it into the skin. It claims to provide a irritant-free cleansing and hydrating feel on the skin which I partly agree with. I don't necessarily agree that it gives that much moisture to the skin although I would need to try it out more to judge fully.

The final product is the Murad primer. This I have tried for a few days and it is written to be an oil-free primer which ignites a radiant glow, powered by light-enhancing minerals. For the days I have been using this product, I don't see a massive glow effect on my skin that I notice that well. It has fine shimmers in it that you would only notice if you were looking very closely at your face. I didn't even notice it had shimmers until I just tested it on the back of my hand. It gives a slight dewy finish, but I don't think it keeps all your makeup on all day. The packaging it really sleek with a black bottle with a pump which is really handy. I shall keep on using this product and update you on how I feel either on here or on my Youtube channel.

So, here's what I got in my Glossybox and I was so happy and thankful to get this. Yet again, a long blog post but I hope you don't mind!! Hope you found this useful and interesting to read. Love, xoxo

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