Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday Update! + OOTD

Hey Dolls! TGIF!! I found this week to be a real drag and I'm so glad that it's the half term next week. Today was non-school uniform day and the picture shows what I decided to wear.
Clothes shown:

-Jean Jacket: Vintage
-Tarten Scarf: Vintage
-Jumper: Miss Selfridge
-Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
-Jeans: Bank
-Back Pack: TkMaxx 

 My dad had recently got an iPhone 4S for business and I got soo excited as I can share it! I've been playing with it all night! My favourite app is probably Instagram. If you have this app then follow me if you want! My username is shannontang. Of course like everyone, I've been also enjoying the game 'Temple Run'. It's so additive and I don't know why! Probably because I'm just determined to get a higher score. Do you recommend any other good apps? I was also very happy because I can easily direct upload youtube videos on my vlog channel. I already uploaded one this morning showing what makeup I was wearing. Click here to see the video. This means that I will be able to upload more vlog videos on my vlog channel! I will be naming them iVlog so keep an eye out for that! Thank you for reading and I will blog to you all soon!
Love, xoxo


  1. Lovely outfit :)

  2. Love the outfit.

    Naomi x

    1. Cute OOTD, im loving the scarf!

      Great post love =)

      My fashion/beauty blog.


  3. Awwwwwwwww really, you're my inspiration. Why do you have such an AMAZING style? Love the chocker necklace and the vintage denim jacket, I've fallen in love!!!! hahaha
    Woooow! Iphone 4s? I wish I got one... love Instagram! Almost everyone has got one, but since I don't have an iPhone...
    So... do you start with midterms? I'm so nervous right now!
    Love you so so so much, I know I have told you this like almost in every single post, but it's true. You are INCREDIBLE ♥
    Lots of love <3 <3,
    xo -A

    1. Aww thank you so very much! You are the sweetest girl!! YOU are incredible :) -S xoxo

  4. WOW Shannon, loooove this post! Your blog is fabulous, keep blogging! I also love your YT Channel (I'm NailsByAutie) and comment on most of them:)
    So yeah, love it!

  5. i love instagram :) it's so nice! and i really love your sense of style :) so nice!
    followed you, dear! maybe you'll have a look also on mine :))


  6. love the scarf!