Sunday, 15 July 2012

Instagram Update #2

Haul | College OOTD | College OOTD 2 | Chocolate dipped strawberries | Zara lace shorts | Best glitter marshmallow unicorny cake | Noodles with Harriet | Filming Miley Cyrus inspired outfit | Filming Miley Cyrus inspired outfit 2 | Sushi time! | Soufeel jewellery | Nails inc in Shoreditch | Red velvet and black bottom cupcakes from hummingbird bakery | Sister now had an instagram: tangkarmen | The weather in Turkey! | Fruity tuity time  

- My big summer haul is now up on my channel 'glamerdoll'
- Outfit for my first college taster day
- Outfit for my second college taster day. Love the mint jeans and the leather jacket from Topshop!!
- Been loving making chocolate dipped strawberries!! Yum! 
- Looove the little lace shorts from Zara
- Harriet and I made the most amazing rainbow, glitter, marshmallow, unicorny cake! It is the best and tastes   amazing!!
- All Harriet and I eat is noodles when we are together! Haha, mmm noodles!
- One of the outfits inspired by Miley Cyrus! A video will be up on my channel
- Another outfit for the Miley Cyrus video. I love her style!
- Had sushi after shooting a new video! Mmm, it's just the best!
- Thanks so much to Soufeel company for the amazing jewellery! I will make a video on it soon
- Newly painted nails! Love this bright pink colour for summer time!
- Red velvet and black bottom cupcake from hummingbird bakery is the best! Especially the black bottom! 
- Woohoo, my sister has now got an instagram!! Her username is tangkarmen and she'd really appreciate it if you could follow her! :) We are considering doing a sista tag! 
- Cannot wait for this amazing weather in Turkey!!! Going on the 23rd! Ahhh, excited
- Trying to ear for healthy lately including more yummy fruit!

My Instagram: shannontang


  1. Looks like you're having a great summer! :)

  2. nice pictures;)x